We have a minimum requirement of 4 players for a room session. If you don’t have that many players, we suggest booking with an existing group of 4 players. Please do not book if you cannot meet this requirement.

We have a maximum player limit of 8 people per room session.

Additionally, if you book 5 or more players, your session becomes private and your group will play alone. You can book and pay as a group or separately. Just let us know if you book and pay separately that you want a private group, as our booking site will only make your session private automatically if you pay as a single group of 5.

This game is a live event! Once you’re booked, refunds and cancellations will not be allowed. Rescheduling is allowed until two days (48 hours) before the booked date. Inside of 48 hours, we will do our best to find a date and time that is not booked and reschedule for that time.

If you have never done an escape room, or most of the people in your group are first timers, we HIGHLY recommend booking our Violet’s Escape room. This room was our first that we built, and it is designed for people new to the experience. It is easier than The Smuggler, but it is not easy. It is a fun but challenging room with about a 50% success rate.

Be early! Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. We like to go over the rules, give you some tips and tricks, and let you try some practice puzzles to get you ready for the real thing. If you’re late however, we unfortunately cannot wait for you as we usually have other groups that are booked after your group. Your room timer starts at the time you booked, with or without you present. We will try our best to accommodate your group if you are late but we cannot offer refunds.