So what is an escape room?

Here at Escape Anacortes, we’ve seen for ourselves that escape rooms are next big thing. They’re popping up everywhere, and every one brings a new, thrilling experience to the table. But since they’re part of such a new trend, it’s pretty common to have never been to one, or even to have never heard of one! Don’t worry, we’re always more than happy to fill people in.

What am I supposed to do in an escape room?

The big thing that defines an escape room is working together with a team to solve a course of puzzles. From there, they can be a lot of things! Maybe you’re escaping the room! Maybe you’re catching a crook! Maybe you’re pulling off a daring heist, or helping set someone free! Every room is going to present a new goal, each with its own array of challenges.

Why should I play an escape room?

People have all sorts of reasons to take on an escape room. Want to feel likeĀ Indiana Jones? Come on in, we’ve got all of the puzzle-solving goodness and none of the spikes. Want to bond with friends, family, or co-workers? Perfect! Nothing brings people together like a common goal and a good time. Want to put yourself and your friends to the test? Bring it on, we’ve got all the challenge you could ask for in an hour. See what your friends can do, or showcase skills of your own!